4th of July Parade, Juneau, Alaska 1995. I was Smokey Bear. #TBT

4th of July Parade, Juneau, Alaska 1995. I was Smokey Bear. #TBT

Breakfast (at Tougo Coffee Co.)

Breakfast (at Tougo Coffee Co.)

Beach dog (PNW style) (at Watmough Bay)

Beach dog (PNW style) (at Watmough Bay)

Definitely quite a crowd where I was in Westlake Park.
Seahawks Super Bowl parade: Crowd estimated at 700,000, larger than Seattle population

It’s surprising to me that people in technology don’t craft a “reverse resume” and keep it in a public place that then states their career goals and what it’d take for an opportunity to look interesting. 

An interesting thought from my friend Tony Wright about deciding what’s important to you in a career opportunity, and putting it front-and-center for recruiters and potential collaborators of the world to see. 

Okkervil River - Dance Hall Days (Wang Chung cover)

Yes, really, a Wang Chung cover, from the latest edition of Will Sheff’s Golden Opportunities EPs.

The Everly Brothers - When Will I Be Loved

When I was growing up, my dad owned several Everly Brothers cassettes and LPs, and one of my first concert memories is watching their reunion concert “Live at Royal Albert Hall" on HBO. I must have been around 6.  R.I.P. Phil Everly.

"What’s the last thing you built when you got that high? You know that high I’m talking about? It’s staring at a thing that you brought into the world because you decided it needed to exist."

The Builder’s High" via Rands in Repose

An excellent resolution to have; create more, consume less.

(via marksbirch)

A Reminder to shop AmazonSmile in 2014

Sure, we’ve got devices and clouds and drones and local merchant offerings, but one of my favorite recent Amazon launches is a retail initiative called Amazon Smile.

I’m sure it was a lot of work to build, and there are likely plenty of business reasons why it makes sense beyond pure charity, but from my perspective as a customer it is just so simple: 

  1. Visit smile.amazon.com
  2. Pick a charity
  3. Shop
  4. Your chosen charity gets a donation from Amazon

I’ve got Smile bookmarked in my browser, and if you’re an Amazon shopper, you should do the same. 

Three Weeks in New Zealand

When we got married 8 years ago, we went on a 10-day honeymoon to Greece. That was the longest vacation of my adult life, and I remember hopping on the wi-fi throughout the trip to check in on the startup I was working on.

When each of our kids were born I took about a week off — some of you may remember the work-related excitement going on at TeachStreet when Ruby was born, and I’ll never forget that the first flowers that arrived after Dewey was born were from a potential acquirer.

In general, vacations have consisted of a long weekend or single work week for as long as I’ve been working. This year, however, we decided to go all out and take a 3-week road trip around New Zealand in a camper van. 

I won’t bore you with the details; you can see some photos on my instagram (and eventually on flickr), but besides for a small medical mishap, it was the best vacation we’ve ever taken. 

By the way, everyone talks about “unplugging” when it comes to vacations. We most certainly didn’t do that. My first stop at the Auckland airport was to get a prepaid SIM card (4GB data + unlimited txt + 120 minutes for around $40). Being able to freely use the web, email, and various apps, especially the Camping NZ app, was priceless. That we could tether all of our devices through my phone was the icing on the cake.

One thing I did do, to make sure I didn’t get too distracted from vacationing, was to completely delete my work email and calendar from my iPhone. If you have this luxury, I highly recommend it.